How to Store Summer Items in a Storage Unit

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After a fun summer of activity, you may be wondering where to store your summer gear. A self storage unit is the best option, but it's important to ensure you store everything correctly. Here are some ideas to help you along the way.

1. Rinse Everything

Before putting any of your beach gear into storage, make sure to rinse it off. Salt can destroy items, and you don't want it left on your beach gear. Rinsing with fresh water can make all the difference. Rinsing can also help to remove any seaweed or vegetation on your items.

2. Dry Everything Thoroughly

Once clean, you need to dry your items thoroughly. The water on its own could lead to damage. Beyond that, excess water droplets can increase the amount of condensation in your storage unit, leading to water damage with other items as well.

3. Deflate Inflatables

If you have inflatable rafts, inner tubes or similar items, you should deflate them before putting them into storage. Over time the changes in air pressure in the storage unit are likely to increase and decrease the air in these items. That can put the rubber or plastic at risk. Deflating the objects helps prevent this risk. Also, be sure to leave their valves open.

4. Consider Racks for Surfboards

Storing surfboards on their edges can damage them. They aren't designed to constantly support their weight on their ends. To give them some relief, consider putting surfboard racks in your storage unit. If you are not allowed to put racks on the wall, look for a standalone rack.

5. Use Clear Bins for Beach Toys and Towels

You may want to put beach toys and towels in clear bins. That makes them easier to see. If you need to grab an item out of the store unit, you can easily grab it from the box. If you are storing items for a lot of different people or even toys that belong to different members of the same family, you may want to have a different tote for each person.

6. Look for Climate Controlled Storage

Excessively hot or cold temperatures can be hard on lots of items. It can cause your rubber inflatables to degrade faster, or it can increase the risks of condensation, mold or mildew. To prevent all of these issues, look for a climate controlled storage unit.

To get more tips, contact a self storage unit directly.