Avoid Plastic Storage Solutions With These Alternatives

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If you're putting your items into long term storage, you may want to pack up the items to keep them safe from dust, but you may also want to invest in some storage solutions to help your items stay organised. Plastic storage bins are popular, but if you are concerned about the environmental risks of plastic, you may want to look for other solutions.

Here are some useful storage solutions that can easily replace plastic storage totes and similar plastic items.

1. Metal Shelves

Metal shelves allow you to make the most of the vertical space in a storage unit. They are also relatively inexpensive to buy. Similarly, you may also want to consider wood shelves.

2. Metal Closets

If you need hanging storage in addition to shelves, you may want to consider a storage closet instead. Most portable closets are made from plastic, but luckily, there are metal closets or lockers that work perfectly too.

3. Wood Shipping Crates

In lieu of plastic bins, you may want to consider wooden shipping crates. They can also be stacked like plastic storage totes, and unlike plastic, they allow the contents of the box to breathe. That is ideal if you want to avoid condensation.

Of course, you can also use cardboard boxes, but crates give you a bit more long lasting stability over the long run.

4. Glass Jars

There's all kinds of plastic trays and containers designed to hold small items, but you don't have to use plastic. Glass jars can work perfectly. Buy a large pack of canning jars, or just save glass spice jars, jam jars and the like so you have all the storage solutions you need for paper clips, rubber bands, craft suppliers, and other little bits and bobs.

5. Paper Bags

Plastic bin liners can be useful for storing clothing, toys or other items, and similarly, many dry cleaning bags or clothing storage bags are also made of plastic. Substitute paper bags for both of these purposes. You can buy paper dry cleaning bags from a wholesalers. Alternatively, get your clothing dry cleaned before putting it into storage, but make sure to use a company that has paper bags.

In other cases, just use paper supermarket bags. To give them extra strength, use two bags. Then, roll them down to shut them and use a bit of tape to seal them.

For more tips on storage solutions, contact a storage company directly.