Helpful Advice for Moving Your Whisky Collection to Victoria

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There are plenty of whisky drinkers in Melbourne if the list of best places to drink this type of spirit is a good indication. The Melbourne Whiskey Room alone boasts over 300 varieties to try. Since you are planning on moving to Victoria with your private collection of whisky (and the rest of your household belongings), you are desirous of making sure every bottle in your collection arrives in one piece. Use these helpful tips for packing up your whisky collection before the house removalists arrive.

Pack The Whisky Bottles In Individual Boxes

It is advantageous to return your whisky collection bottles to the boxes they originally came in. However, not every collector has had the forward-thinking to keep them for future moves. If you don't have the original boxes, pay a visit to your local liquor store to see if they have any boxes you can have. If not, purchase boxes that are a little bigger than each bottle you need to pack. You will need to buy different sized boxes to accommodate the different sized bottles in your collection.

Reduce Movement In The Boxes

Once you have boxes for your alcohol collection, pack each whisky bottle into its own box. Once inside, close the box lid and give it a small shake. If you can feel the whisky bottle moving about inside, open the lid and wrap the bottle in bubble wrap or tissue paper. The goal is to prevent bottle movement while inside the box, so there is less chance of it breaking while in transit.

Once there is no further movement, seal both ends of the whisky box with tape and place each one upright into a larger moving box. Be sure to only pack six whisky bottles or less into each moving box. By doing so, you lessen the amount of heartache you would experience if one box inadvertently suffers damage during the move. Don't put all your whisky bottles in one basket!

Label The Moving Boxes

Make sure you label the moving boxes containing your alcohol with arrows pointing upwards, so the movers know they have to remain upright. As you already know, lying a whisky bottle on its side increases the amount of room within a bottle that oxidisation can occur. However, your movers don't know that! Also, be sure to mark each box with the word 'fragile' so the movers know to take care when packing it in the truck.

Once your whisky collection is packed up ready for the move, place a call to your insurance broker to make sure the collection is insured during the shift. You don't want to be crying over spilt whisky later on if it was not insured.