The importance of packing correctly

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When moving homes, it's important to ensure that you pack your glass and china wear correctly to prevent any breakage when transporting and moving from the property to the lorry and into your new home. There are a couple of tips that you can use to protect your possessions. Here is a couple of examples of what you can do.

Use The Right Packing Material

There are a couple of options available when it comes to packing materials for moving, one of which is bubble wrap. It can be bought at any good packing supplier or hardware store. The use of bubble wrap around your glass and china wear is a good idea as the bubbles give your belongings a little more protection than just wrapping them up in newspaper.

However, newspaper is a free and sustainable option for those who are moving on a budget. Although you might need to use more than you would if you were using bubble wrap to pack with, it's easier to get hold of. You can ask family and friends to keep their old newspaper.

Label Things Clearly

Once you have packed your boxes, it's always a good idea to label each box. Mark each one with what room it's for, what's in the box, and if there's breakable item within. This serves useful for a number of reasons. When packing the lorry and unloading at the new home, whoever is moving the boxes will know what room they are for, saving double handling. They will also know whether they need to be extra careful as you will have labelled it with fragile or breakable items inside

Store Your Boxes Safely

If you are packing your things in advance, then how you pack is also essential. You will want to maximise how much you pack but minimise how much space you take up with packed boxes in the house. It's always a good idea to look at what rooms you are not using and maybe designate one of those as the storage area for all your packing items and packed boxes. Remember not to stack heavy items on top of boxes containing fragile goods and always ensure that things you might need are not in the hard to reach areas.

If you'd rather save time and effort, you can work with a local packing service to handle all of the household packing before your move.