Taking the stress out of preparing for your move

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Moving house is an exciting experience full of new possibilities, but it can also be a stressful process. From packing to changing addresses, there's a lot to do. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to take some of the stress out of moving.

Start early

From the moment you know you're going to be moving, there are some things you can do to remove pressure closer to moving day. Start accumulating boxes as soon as you can. You can also begin packing items you don't use frequently, like books or out-of-season clothes. The fewer of these you have to pack at the last minute, the happier you'll be. 

Purge possessions

Another thing you can do well before your move date is cut down on clutter. Every item you sell, give away, throw out or donate to charity is one less item that you have to both pack and unpack. Be firm with yourself and dispose of books you're not going to read again, clothes you won't wear and other unnecessary belongings. 

Separate important items

One of the major stresses of moving is the uncertainty that comes from not knowing where crucial items are. Sort out your important documents and keep them in a single folder or box that you can keep with you during the move. You'll always know where your most important documents are. Less vital but equally convenient is the moving day survival kit: a kettle, some mugs, snacks, marker pens, scissors, tape and all the things you might need on the big day. 

Don't do it alone

The more help you can recruit for your move, the less you'll have to worry about yourself. You can either recruit volunteers to help out or seek the help of a professional moving company -- or both. If you're moving within a city, volunteers will be very useful, but if you're moving from one state to another or a similar distance, a removals firm with interstate experience will be more able to handle the long journey. Either way, having someone else to back you up will take some of the pressure off you. 

Don't neglect yourself

During the preparation for a move, it's easy to ignore your own well-being. Rushing meals, missing sleep and generally overtaxing yourself are all common. Schedule some time to relax and look after yourself during the preparation for the move; although you might think you can't spare the time, it'll save you stress and exhaustion later on.