Getting an accurate removal quote

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When using local removals for your next house move, it's important to make sure that the overall cost of your removal doesn't come as a surprise at the end of your house move. It is crucial to discuss your requirements with prospective local removal firms to make sure you get a competitive price estimate that includes everything you need and one that will not skyrocket once you've completed your relocation. Here are four valuable tips to help you get an accurate quote.

Pre-move survey

A pre-move assessment by potential local removals guarantees an accurate quote. This is because the company will assess all the items to be moved as well as the equipment and number of staff needed on moving day. You should select at least three companies to carry out a pre-move assessment of your home. Once the survey is completed, removal companies offer a binding quote, based on the possessions shown to the estimator as well as any extra services that may be required. The pre-move survey gets guesswork and assumption out of the removal quote process.


Check the amount of cover the removal company offers for your items during the move. Is it stated in the quote? Some companies may cover your house move up to forty dollars per item based on their standard removals insurance; however, one may prefer additional coverage than this for your possessions. If you prefer buying additional insurance, check with the removal company if they offer this choice and what percentage of the worth of your items you can wait to pay.


Do you need storage as part of your house move? If so, establish if the storage fee is captured in the quote. Local removals charge for storage services in transit; however, some don't put the fee on the quote only for the client to be asked later on to foot the storage expenses.

 Specialist items

Relocating specialist items is likely to invite an additional charge, because it will require the use of specific equipment to transport the items safely, in addition to the professional expertise of the removal staff. Some of the specialist items may include chandeliers, fine art, antiques, and pianos. If you wish to move any of these specialist items, notify the removal estimator during the pre-move survey so that they can be included as part of your removal estimate.

A quote that reads higher in cost at first can be a saving if it consists of additional services. Likewise, a cheaper quote at first may be costly in the end if it excludes services such as storage and packing. Mention any extra services you may need during your house move so that they can be factored in during the pre-move removals assessment.