What Types of Removalists Are Available in Australia?

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Removalists offer essential services to people who are planning a move for many different purposes. They can help with local moves, interstate moves, storage options and packing/unpacking. Many homes and businesses rely on the professional services of removalists in order to transport their items safely and efficiently.

Removalists tend to specialize in a particular service area associated with the moving process. Understanding the different types of removalists available can enable you to make the right choices when planning for a move.

Full-service removalists

Full-service removalists offer complete moving services from start to finish. They will plan out the move, pack your items, load them to the truck, transport them to your final destination and unpack the items for you. Full service removalists work closely with you to ensure that they transport your items exactly how you would prefer. In addition, they often need to carry out an extensive inventory of all the items they will be moving so they can prepare the best packing strategy available.

Some movers prefer this option because most of the work is done for them, and it makes moving much less stressful.

Self-service removalists

As opposed to a full-service framework, most movers actually desire to be involved in how their items are packed and transported. Such people would prefer the services of self-service removalists. These companies will only load, deliver and unload your items, but you are responsible for packing and keeping inventory of all your items.

If you feel more comfortable packing your beloved belongings by yourself, self-service removalists could be a great option for you. You can also be compensated for any damages that occur during the move as a result of the actions of the removalists.

Commercial movers

Businesses, offices, and shops that need to move to a new location often seek the services of commercial movers. These removalists specialize in transporting office items such as office equipment, furniture, and communication systems. Transporting office supplies takes a different level of skill due to the equipment that is involved. Such removalists need to handle delicate items and to adhere strictly to moving timelines.

Interstate removalists

Interstate removalists handle long distance moves that are carried out across state lines. They are often familiar with transportation guidelines that cover various states, and can help you prepare, pack and transport your items across state borders. They also ensure that any applicable laws regarding your personal items and the moving process are strictly adhered to.