Simplifying the Moving Process When You Have Young Kids

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Because moving is almost always a stressful process, most people recommend that you avoid moving when you have young children. However, life circumstances don't always put you in a position where you can choose.

If you need to move with young kids, there are several tips you can implement to make the process as smooth as possible.

Do the heavy stuff when they're away.

Children tend to get excited when they see something unique happening. If you begin to move your furniture, appliances and other larger items when the kids are awake and active, they are bound to cause trouble. In addition, children are likely to get injured from loose furniture parts such as cabinet drawers.

It's best to deal with the heavy stuff when the kids are away. Arrange for a friend or family member to take them to the park or for a sleepover. This will give you enough time to handle the important moving processes before the kids come back.

The kids can also help.

With the excitement that kids have with moving, you can use their energy to help with the process. An easy way to do this is to use colour-coded boxes during packing. You can use different colours of tape to colour-code items from the kitchen, bedrooms, and living room.

Have your kids pack their own toys, books and clothes in colour-coded boxes. This will add excitement to the process and make stuff easier to find once you get to unpacking.

Have movers handle the heavy stuff.

If you have plenty of heavy furniture and other items to move, it is always a good idea to hire movers. Movers can pack, load and transport your heavy items to the new destination without causing you unnecessary stress. They also handle your items professionally and reduce the risk of damages during removal.

As the movers work, you can keep the kids distracted by playing with them outside or taking them for a fun day out.

Create a schedule for your kids to stick to.

It helps to create a timetable for your children when planning a move. For example, let them know when to help with packing, when meals will be served, and what time to go to bed. This will make it easier for you to plan the move around their schedule.

Start early

Moving with kids will always take longer than you think. If you would take a few weeks to pack up your items without the kids around, prepare yourself to spend twice the time. Moving with kids will always be slower because you have to constantly check up on them as you pack.

In addition, unexpected situations are likely to occur at the worst possible time, such as your child getting sick.