Safely Moving Your Antique and Sentimental Treasures to Your New Home

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One person's trash is another person's treasure. Your house might contain a vast number of old items, some of which can have considerable value as antiques, while others only have a personalised sentimental value—which doesn't diminish their importance. You need to remove these items from their pride of place in your current home and then safely transport them to your new home. What extra care needs to be taken with your treasures?


Well before moving day, get in touch with your insurance company. Obviously, there will be a difference in your home and contents policy, since the home itself will be changing. You'll want to determine coverage for the contents while they're in transit. Are they still insured during this process? Your removals company will also have their own insurance policy, so you should enquire about the extent of the coverage. Although sentimental items might not have a significant cash value, you will want to be sure that any valuable antiques will have an acceptable level of protection. They might not be easily replaceable, but being sure that full financial compensation would be forthcoming can be helpful.

Special Transport

Those smaller, sentimental items can benefit from being segregated from the rest of your items. Consider packing these separately, making sure that due diligence is followed in terms of cushioning them with paper or bubble wrap before placing them into a suitably strong container (even if it's just a cardboard box with reinforced seams). These can then be placed in your car to travel with you to their new home. It keeps them safe and out of the way, and you could even have them packed in your vehicle before the furniture removals team arrives to start work on moving day.


It's impractical to pack larger antique items in your vehicle, but these can travel securely in the moving van. If they need to be boxed for transportation, just as with smaller items, ensure that they're properly protected before being placed in the box and that the box is reinforced as needed. Affix a 'fragile' sticker to the exterior of the box to warn of the delicacy of its contents. You can get these stickers at any office supplies shop or your moving company might be able to provide them. 

Your moving company is going to take the best possible care of your possessions, but some of these possessions will need a more delicate approach. These items aren't trash—they're your treasures! 

For more information, contact a furniture removals team.