Top Tips When Hiring A Removalist

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Finding a reliable removal service can be a daunting task. The excerpt below discusses the various considerations you should make when hiring a removalist. 

Work Ethic

The removalist should be quick to respond to your inquiries. A removalist that takes days to respond to your emails may not be punctual on the day you agreed upon. Removalists affiliated with professional associations, such as The Australian Furniture Removers Association, (AFRA) observe a strict code of ethics. Work with a removalist that provides removal insurance. This ensures compensation in case your items get damaged during removal. 

Services Provided

The professional should provide a wide range of services. For instance, you may require temporary or permanent storage if you are moving into a smaller or incomplete house. Some removalists will provide storage containers, while others will transport your items to a storage facility of your choice.

Other than packing and transporting your items, some removalists will clean your new house and arrange your items at no extra charge. If you are on a budget, work with a removalist that provides backloading services. It is an arrangement where you share the truck with another customer or use a truck on its return journey.

Terms of Engagement

Do not sign any contracts before reading the terms of engagement. Evaluate the following: 

  • What are the removalist's working hours? For example, people with a busy schedule may want a removalist that works at night.
  • Check the items covered by the removalist's insurance. Items dismantled and packed by the customer may not be covered.
  • Preparation. Most removalists will ask you to secure parking space and the required permits. They may ask you to do things like defrosting your freezers to prevent damage to other items.
  • How does the removalist handle client disputes? Avoid removalists that have a bureaucratic dispute resolution process or those that take months to handle your complaints.  

Cost Saving Tips

Get rid of broken furniture and electronics that could occupy significant space inside the removals truck. Some removalists will charge more during the weekend and holidays. As such, you should move during weekdays to save on removal costs. You could qualify for discounts if you book the removalist during the cold months when there is a low demand for removal services. Avoid extra fees by ensuring you are available on the removals day. Inform the removalist in advance if you would like to reschedule or cancel the move. 

When hiring a removalist, examine his or her work ethic, the services provided and the terms of engagement. It would also be wise to consider the recommended cost-saving tips.