6 Ways That a Self-Storage Unit Is Better Than Your Garage

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Many people use their garages to store seasonal items, collectibles, possessions and equipment. But while your garage might be conveniently close by, a self-storage unit is a better option in many ways.

By using a self-storage unit to keep your possessions in instead of your garage, you benefit in the following ways.

1. Storage units have tight security

Storage units have several security measures, such as alarms, security guards and CCTV. Storage units are also situated in gated facilities. These security measures make storage units a secure and safe place to store your most valued possessions.

2. Storage units can have climate control

If you need to store temperature-sensitive items like photographs, stamps, paintings and paperwork, then a garage is not ideal, especially if the weather in your area is humid and hot. Instead of a garage, you can put your things into a storage unit that has climate control. This will prevent the weather outside from damaging your possessions.

3. Storage units don't stop you from parking your garage

Your car is safe from weather, bird droppings and car thieves when stored in your garage. But if your garage is cluttered, you might have to park your car outside. A storage unit can prevent this problem.

4. Storage units are convenient for moves and renovation projects

If you have a self-storage unit available to you throughout the year, you can put furniture and possessions into it if you need to move or carry out renovations. Otherwise, your garage could end up clogged with clutter.

5. Cluttered garages attract pests like spiders, rats and insects

One reason to refrain from storing possessions in your garage is that pests love clutter. The last thing you need is for your garage to become a staging ground for pest invasions into your home.

6. Cluttered garages cause you to lose things

A storage unit can help you to stay organized. Instead of filling your garage with clutter, for instance, you can store your tools, bicycles and gardening equipment there. These are things that you'll need to have handy. Clutter will prevent you from reaching them. And you may even lose them.

A storage unit will help give you more space to organize your possessions. A garage is a convenient storage point. But storage units are by far a better option if you need to create space in your home. If your clutter is taking over your home, or you need to store some seasonal items, hire a storage unit instead of taking over the space in your garage.

For more information, contact a local self-storage facility.