Two tips to follow when using furniture removal services

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Are you working with furniture removals services? These two tips will help you have a smoother process. 

Don't polish your wooden furniture before giving it to the furniture removalists

It's vital not to polish your wooden furniture before giving it to the furniture removalists. You might be tempted to do this if, for example, you need to start using this furniture as soon as the removals team delivers it to your new home and would like it to look its best. However, this can create problems for furniture removalists.

The reason for this is as follows; furniture polish makes the surface of wooden furniture very slippery. As such, if you use this product on your wooden furniture before you move, these polished furniture items will be very hard for the removalists to hold, as these items will slide out of their hands as they're carrying them. This could increase the chances of these wooden items getting accidentally damaged.

To prevent these items from getting chipped or dropped, the removalists might have to use a cleaning spray to remove the polish before they proceed or might have to go and get high-grip gloves so they can hold it properly. This could result in them not being able to deliver the furniture as fast as they had planned to.

Don't leave your stowed belongings inside your bed bases' storage containers.

It's important to remove any items you've been stowing in your bed bases' storage containers before the furniture removals team picks them up. Whilst leaving these items where they are might spare you the hassle of packing these objects separately, it could also make the process of carrying those bed bases tougher for the removalists.

For instance, if you leave a lot of heavy hardback books in a bed base, this could make the bed base's weight exceed the weight limit of the removalists' lifting equipment, in which case they might break their equipment if they use it to carry the bed base. Because of this, they might have to carry it without their equipment (which could be difficult, due to the base's weight) or remove the heavy stored contents and find some spare boxes or other containers for you to put them in before they could load the bed base into the van. The latter could not only be time-consuming but might also result in you having to use unsuitable, makeshift containers to transport these items because you didn't plan to pack them separately.