5 Disclosures To Make When Hiring A Furniture Removalist

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Removalists make it easy and convenient to move your home or office. An ideal move involves some collaboration between the client and removalist. The article below discusses a few disclosures that you should make when hiring a removalist. Hopefully, it will ensure you have an easy time when dealing with your removalist. 

1. The Location Of Your Home And New Premises

You must give intricate details about the location of your current and new premises. This enables the removalist to know how far they will have to transport your items. Besides, they will know when to schedule the move if the roads are impassable during certain times of the day. Remember to inform the removalist if you live in a multi-storey building. Remember, they might require special equipment to move your items down a narrow staircase. 

2. The Items You Intend To Move

The removalist must know the items that you intend to move. This ensures that they come with the right truck and equipment. In some cases, the removalist will visit your home for a physical inspection. If this is not possible, send the removalist photos. This ensures adequate preparation. For example, the removalist could ask you to defrost the refrigerator a few hours before they arrive. If you have sensitive electronics, the removalist will ask if you have their original packaging material. If not, they will look for special boxes, removal blankets and bubble wrap. 

3. Your Valuables

Many people will forget to inform the removalist about their valuables. However, they need this information since the presence of valuables will significantly affect how the removalist plans the move. For example, you might need a secure transport option to move expensive paintings, rare artefacts and jewellery. 

4. Moving Time

When do you intend to move? Most removalists will try and move within your schedule. However, different factors could compel the removalist to adjust the removal time. For example, if you are moving interstate, the removalist could ask you to move late at night since some states restrict heavy haulage during the day. 

5. Removal Budget

Ask the removalist for a quote and check if it falls within your budget. If the quote is too high, ask the professional to initiate some cost-saving measures. For example, you could lease the moving cartons instead of purchasing them. Alternatively, you could ask the removalist to use a backloading service. 

When hiring a removalist, disclose the location of your premises, what you plan to move, your valuables and your budget. Contact a company that offers furniture removal solutions to learn more.