How To Create A Removal Timeline

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Are you moving your home? House removals can be stressful if you are in a rush or inadequately prepared. Below is a timeline detailing how you should prepare to move your home. Hopefully, it will help reduce the hassles associated with household moves. 

Several Weeks Before The Move

Removal planning should start at the earliest possible stage. Once you decide to relocate your household, inspect your home to establish what you intend to move. Typically, you should get rid of old and absolute items that you no longer use. This should include items in on-site or off-site storage units. Decluttering is an easy way to manage removal costs and keep your new home spacious. 

A Week Before The Move

At this stage, your primary concern would be looking for a removalist to move your household. Create a need-based criterion to help you choose a removalist. Below are some insights; 

  • The removalist's reputation is a critical consideration since you need a professional that offers quality services. Positive customer reviews, industry accreditations, and recognition from home improvement blogs are all signs of a reputable removalist.
  • Examine the removalist's licencing to know if they can move your items from your home to the new residence.
  • Consider removalists that offer personalised removal services. For instance, based on your needs and budget, you could opt for a self-move or backloading services. Moreover, you might need storage spaces.
  • Your preferred removalist should have flexible and reasonable terms. For instance, they should not impose penalties if you postpone the move due to an emergency. Furthermore, the removalist must have adequate removals insurance coverage. 

Five Days Before The Move

Call your removalist and inquire how they will execute the move. Typically, experienced removalists will send a removals plan detailing the activities they will conduct before the removals day. Moreover, they will inform you of your responsibilities. For instance, the removalist could visit your home or ask you to take a video of your household. The assessment helps them determine the trucks and equipment needed to move your items. On the other hand, the removalist could ask you to declare whether you have valuables or pets since they require special transportation. 

Three Days Before The Move

Make personal arrangements to ease the move. For example, if you have young kids, inform them that the family will be relocating. It gives them adequate time to process this information and prevents anxiety during the move. Pack personal items that you could need before arriving at your new residence. It could include medication, child diapers, pet foods, and toiletries. 

A Day Before The Move

Contact the removalist and go through the removals plan. Besides, inform them of any last-minute changes. For example, you might want to change the moving hours. Ensure the removalist has the required insurance coverage. If they did not visit your home during the inspection, send a Google pin to direct them to your home. Look into house removals near you.