Two tips people should follow when using a removalist's services

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Here are two tips people should follow when they use a removalist's service.

They should be careful when colour-coding any boxes the removalist will be transporting for them

Many people colour-code the boxes that they pack before a house move, as this is a great way to ensure that they and their removalists can identify what area of the new home these boxes should go in (for example, boxes with red stickers might be for their new kitchen, whilst boxes that have green stickers might be for the living room). If a person who's hired a removalist has decided to do this, they should be careful when doing their colour-coding.

They should, for example, opt for generously-sized stickers and should put a sticker on every side of each box they pack. The former will mean the removalist's team members won't struggle to quickly spot these stickers, even if the boxes are big and will also be covered with other labels, such as ''handle with care'' or ''do not stack''. The latter will ensure that they don't have to spend any time turning heavy boxes around, in search of the side that has a coloured sticker on it so that they then know where to put it in the new place. This second point is especially important as if a removalist has to, for example, turn a box upside down to find the one coloured sticker that its owner has stuck onto its base, any items in the box that contain fluids or that are fragile will also be turned upside down and might then leak or break.

They should avoid using low-quality packing supplies

There are situations in which, due to their tight budgets, people who are moving have to use less-than-ideal packing supplies, such as damp old boxes or used bubble wrap they may have had in their homes for years. However, if possible, those who have hired removalists should try to use the best quality packing supplies they can get their hands on, as this will affect how quick and easy it will be for their removalist to transport their items.

For example, thin, cheap tape that's not designed to be used for packing boxes, won't be effective at keeping the bases of a person's cardboard boxes sealed when they fill these boxes with heavy things. As such, a removalist who carries boxes like these might find that they struggle to get each one into their van, without the bases of each box breaking and the items in it landing on the ground.

Likewise, if the boxes a person packs their belongings in are old and have been sitting in a damp space for a long time, the cardboard walls of these boxes will be weak and likely to tear or collapse when filled with weighty objects. This, too, could lead to the removalist being delayed by the breakage of the boxes when they are attempting to load or unload them. By investing in better-quality packing supplies, that are robust enough to be used to transport hefty items, a person can make their move easier for both themselves and the removalist they've hired.

Talk to a removalist for more information.