How to Look After Your Piano as You Move Home

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So, the big day is finally approaching, and you will shortly be moving across the country to the new home of your dreams. You're in the middle of packing and cannot believe just how much "stuff" you've accumulated, all of which has to be put into a moving box, ready to be loaded into the truck. Large items of furniture may not be such a problem in many respects, apart, that is, from your piano. How can you make sure that this cherished possession arrives at your destination in good shape?

Control Your Stress

You will need to make sure that you prepare your piano carefully and that it is not subject to too much stress throughout the move. Always store this valuable instrument in an area where temperature levels and humidity are stable while you are waiting for transportation day. Therefore, don't be tempted to roll it into the garage a week before, as this could cause long-term damage and it may never be the same again.

Properly Prepare

You will need plenty of packing materials and must make sure that it is wrapped securely, using moving blankets that are designed for the purpose. Typically, you should remove any metal casters from the bottom, even though they may make it easier to roll. Otherwise, there is a risk that they could be inadvertently damaged during the course of the move.

Maneuver Safely

If you have an upright piano, be careful if you need to tilt it for storage or transportation. Only place it on its end and not onto its side, as lateral forces could cause damage to the delicate structure inside.

Use Good Equipment

It's best if the instrument is moved on a special piano "dolly," which has up to 6 wheels and is made for the purpose. This will help you to move over uneven or rough surfaces (such as a gravel driveway), especially when used in concert with some plywood sheets to help you with progress. Then, make sure that the piano is placed carefully within the truck so that it cannot move during its long journey. Ideally, conditions within should be temperature and humidity controlled for the entire length of the trip.

Hire a Team

This piano will have tremendous value and you will want to ensure that it arrives at your destination in great shape. This is why you should bring in a piano removalist team to deal with the process from start to finish and let's face it, this will be one less thing you to worry about.